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At Active Biz Solutions, we are team of experts who believe in contributing back to the individuals who aspire to build up the business. We are ready to support individuals in building their business step by step. We offer different bouquet of training programs for the corporate & enterprising organization. These trainings are conducted by experts who themselves have walked the talk.


Time is Limited, We all have the same time in the day. Many times we feel exhausted for the need of time to do things. Wish I had an hour more or a day more or wished I would have made it to the match without losing on work. Well the trick is not in getting additional time but making the best of the limited time which is at your disposal. So if you & your team is looking for more time than to finish your work on & head home on time this system is for you. All work & no Play makes Tom, Dick & Harry A Dull Man.


India is going through transformations, Even our domestic markets are demanding global standards. As India moves towards becoming developed country the majority of domestics needs will demand International Standards. So as an Entrepreneur it’s important for you to build respected organization. A respected organization means satisfied supplier, satisfied customer, satisfied employees, satisfied investors and satisfied society. So start today to build World Class Lean Enterprise of Tomorrow.


In today's hectic industrial and other service activity people neglect their health & many times spoil their family life with priority or extended life spent in office activity. The realization of the damage to health & life style comes too late to be rectified.

We have developed a simple and effective program as our Social objective. Our WLRIA program (Workplace to life Relationship Improvement Act).

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