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We at Active Biz Solutions have empowered experts who can assist you in factory design, HSE guidelines, layout for lean manufacturing, improved OEE and periodic training program for Staff motivation and efficiency improvement. We have customized software to help the industry.

It is projected that the plastic per capital consumption will grow from 8KG to 20KGs by year 2020. The industry has to gear up with systematic approach to be ON TIME IN FULL AT RIGHT COST & QULITY (OTIFARCQ) to be globally competitive.

Our objective is to raise the industrial standard with a systematic approach by our team of experts.


We focus on environmental friendly packaging. Today what the world needs is the carbon foot print reduction, energy and water neutral. By using packaging materials which are recyclable and biodegradable we propose to reduce the carbon foot print. Our objective is to move from linear approach to cyclic approach for a sustainable environmental friendly packaging solutions.

With rapid urbanization and improved intelligence in rural area the demand for packaged foods is increasing. In time to come people will look for intelligent packaging and new innovation in packaging industry. We are working with few international successful companies for technology transfer to India in intelligent packaging in field of processed foods and fresh fruits. We will help our clients to develop specialty packaging with Nano particle impregration, TTI development and RFID identifications.


Our objective is to help our clients to set up best in class plants for non-returnable beverage filling lines mainly in PET. We have 10 years of experience in this field & we are associated consultants with vast experience for variety of products. We will help you in setting up a standardized operation with best possible OEE and maximum bottles in the warehouse for your investment. We will act as your project advisor from start to finish in supplying you with right decision at every milestone.

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