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Pet Bottle Blow Moulding Machine

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Linear Automatic Pet Bottle Blowing Machine comes with a standard feature of Servo stretching which provides flexibility and easy setting.
The machine has a speed of
5,000 BPH.

Key Features -

  • Servo stretching as standard feature provides flexibility and easy setting.
  • Preforms are always heated in the neck down position to ensure that the neck portion always remains cold and free from distortion.
  • Unlike hydraulic systems, servo clamp is energy efficient since it consumes power on demand, only during closing and opening.
  • High production rates.
  • In keeping with the hygiene standards required by the Food and Beverage Industry, our machines operate only with servo and pneumatics. No hydraulics, so no oil spills. Ideally suited for clean room conditions.
  • The entire process from loading the preforms into the conveyor hopper to final exit of the blown bottle into the filling machine via an air conveyor is fully automated and untouched by hand. No human intervention needed.
  • Recovery of the blown air reduces consumption and eliminates the need of a separate low pressure compressor, thereby saving both initial cost and energy.
  • Universal spindle – preform diameter variation is accommodated.

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