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There are many talks and books published on building future of India.

The election results of 2013 ( assembly) and 2014( Central) has already shown that future INDIA will be different than past.

The youth population of India will decide their future. The political lot so far was busy in building illegal assets for their children with the power and position they had. The generation next has taken that power from them. The accountability has increased and we have more and more exposures of wrong doing.

India is getting liberated from the so called ruler class to collective living class of people. The divisive politics will vanish and politics of development and accountability will start.

Future India, will build national wealth and not individual wealth. Future India will have higher health quotient than wealth quotient. The generation next wants global competition than having local protection. Generation next wants the pride of the country to come back. Generation next wants to be recognized as proud Indians and not corrupt Indian.

How to achieve this?
The best way is to have accountability and visibility of political class to common man.

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